Smashing World Records at the Clubhouse!

Here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse, our main objective may be to provide our guests with the vacation experience of a lifetime, but what many don’t realize is that we’re in the history making business, too.

Did you know that one of the Solara Resort’s very own, Flow instructor and award-winning rider Joel Stevens, is now the proud holder of a brand new prestigious Guinness World Record? That’s right: after a stunning 45 minutes of continuous riding on Solara’s thrilling Flow wave surfing simulator, Joel racked up 1,059 consecutive 360 degree spins on his Flowboard—a truly awe-inspiring feat!

When asked for comment after this achievement, Joel joked, “After about 800 [spins], you start to lose the feeling of what life was like before the spinning started.”

Joel’s new record is just the latest exploit in a professional FlowRiding career characterized by success in international competitions and in everyday Flow instruction. At just 19 years old, Joel remains a figure to watch in FlowRiding circles as he continues to hone his craft, even as he begins college this year.

FlowRider World Record
Joel mid-record attempt.

One thing is for certain: as Joel strives and breaks new ground on the waves, Solara Resort will be by his side—ready to support and facilitate his development in every way we can.

One man with a keen understanding of the difficulty involved in executing so many consecutive 360 degree spins on such rapidly moving water is Joel’s boss and mentor, Andy Haase. As Solara Resort’s Wave Ambassador, Andy is the mastermind behind the resort’s flourishing Solara Surf Club,and the one who reached out to Guinness with the idea to establish a new FlowRider-oriented category among their list of wide-variety of world records. A central figure in the FlowRiding scene for well over a decade, Andy is renowned for his colorful commentary and expert knowledge as a regular judge in countless Flow competitions. He hopes that Joel’s recent breakthrough, and Guinness’s involvement, will help publicize the growing sport.

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” Andy said of Joel’s new record. Andy himself was able to complete around 300 continuous 360 degree spins on the day Joel established the new record—no small accomplishment itself! As anyone who’s picked up a Flow board can tell you, this writer included, completing a single 360 degree spin (let alone several uninterrupted hundred) takes a great deal of dedication and practice.

If you’d like to witness the day’s impressive events for yourself, be sure to check out the Solara Surf Club’s Facebook page and watch the Guinness World Record video posted on November 14, 2019. It’s the best source available for the latest on everything Flow-related at the Solara Resort.

Andy and Joel are just two examples of the exemplary staff we are lucky enough have as part of the Solara family here at the resort. Whether it’s our talented Flow instructors, watchful pool monitors or friendly restaurant staff, everyone working at Solara does their best, day in and day out, to take our Resort to the next level. Who’s to say which of us will make history next!

Daily Activities at the Solara Resort Clubhouse

Homeowners and vacationers visiting Solara Resort this Fall are in luck: our Lifestyle staff is rolling out a brand-new activities schedule.

From noon to 5 pm each day, folks at our clubhouse and pool area will be offered a wide variety of games and entertainment to keep them occupied. Our dedicated staff will oversee different athletic and trivia-based contests, with fun prizes! Activities provide a unique opportunity to befriend other guests at our Resort, and to get to know the Lifestyle staff as well. It’s also a great way for parents to catch a short break from their children and truly relax at our beautiful facility.

While many of our activities will focus on thrilling water and sports-based competitions, we will also have diversions for more intellectually inclined visitors as well. Monday and Friday BINGO games are great for all ages, while Tuesday through Thursday, as well as Sunday, will see a test of guests’ wits over their knowledge of Disney and Universal Studios-themed trivia. This is also when kids will have the chance to see just how much they’ve learned about some of Orlando’s most famous attractions over the course of their stay here. Saturday afternoon is reserved for Bar Trivia (21+ only so leave the kids at the Splashpad) but don’t try to cheat with your smartphones. We know all the tricks. What’s the best thing about BINGO and Trivia? It’s discounted burgers, beers and ice pops available during each game… as if you needed another reason to join in the fun!

The Solara Resort Splash Pad

What would a Florida Resort be without great outdoor activities? Whether kids are jumping into our pool to collect as many tokens as they can in a game of Pac Man Catch or shaking their hips in nail-bitingly competitive hula hoop contests, we’ve got a ton of fun games to keep the party rolling. Our gorgeous yoga lawn will host Cornhole and Ladder Ball games, as well as the always crowd-pleasing Giant Jenga. Three-point Shootouts on the basketball court are the perfect way to warm-up for an afternoon two-on-two basketball match in the afternoon, and—for those that had a little too much fun in their college days and are looking to relive them—Water Pong at the terrace bar can be a similarly intense challenge.

We round out the outdoor athletic activities with two super fun options. Scavenger Hunts throughout the main pool area are a neat way to familiarize yourself with our grounds, wildlife and foliage as you run down a list of themed items you and your teammates will have to gather for a coveted prize. Finally, there’s the always laugh-inducing Water Walker Zorb Ball! Every day at 4 pm, guests will have a chance to literally walk on water in our hilarious inflatable Zorb Ball. See how long you can maintain your balance as friends and family egg you on from the sidelines. There’s a small fee of $5 for use of the Water Walker, but it is well worth the cost!

Photo: Tiffany of Tasty Chomps enjoying the Teen Room

The Teen Room and its virtual reality sports simulator offers another avenue for fun at our Resort. Activities like Zombie Dodgeball, Carnival Knockout and Soccer Practice will transport kids and adults to a digital space where they can compete and enjoy themselves even after the storm clouds roll in.

With Solara Resort’s activities schedule in place, there will be new opportunities to form lasting vacation memories every day of the week here at the Solara Clubhouse and pool area!

Click here to view the latest activity schedule.

Your Vacation Doesn’t Stop For the Rain — and Neither Does Our Clubhouse!

Luckily for guests staying at Solara Resort, there’s a whole host of different things they can do here on property when the Florida storm clouds roll in.

Everyone knows that Florida is prone to daily thunderstorms, particularly during this time of year. While most of these storms are short in duration and often provide a much-needed reprieve from the hot sun, it’s no secret that they can also put a real damper on your fun-filled plans for the day. Vacationers are generally only here for a limited time, and they naturally want to make the most of every moment of their trip before returning home to the everyday grind of real life. Luckily for guests staying at Solara Resort, there’s a whole host of different things they can do here on property when the storm clouds roll in.

Unfortunately, lightning strikes can be dangerous. For that reason, our diligent staff at the Solara Resort Clubhouse and pool areas constantly monitor and track weather patterns on an hour-by-hour basis utilizing detailed meteorological technology. We are alerted whenever lighting strikes within a ten-mile radius of the Clubhouse area and immediately clear the pool decks of guests when this happens, explaining why and updating the pool-goers about the short-to-medium term forecast in the process. This procedure is similar to the ones employed by major theme parks in the Orlando area. We here at the Solara Resort take safety very seriously, and we are proud to report that we have not experienced a single weather-related injury in our year-plus of operation here.

The Solara Resort Clubhouse in the Rain
Guests of Florida Resorts are no stranger to afternoon storms.

That said, we also refer guests to the variety of indoor activities available to them when we are forced to close the pools and FlowRider. From our state-of-the-art Fitness Center and multipurpose yoga/dance studio to our fan-favorite Teen Room, with the latest in video game and virtual reality-based entertainment available until 8 pm, vacationers are offered numerous opportunities to continue the summer festivities within our comfortable, climate-controlled Clubhouse.

Most days, Solstice Bar & Grille presents different drink or meal deals whenever storms or heavy rains hit—granting guests the chance to unwind inside while they await an improvement in the weather and return to the pools. Throughout the entire Clubhouse area, we have several large flat screen TVs, consistently tuned to exciting sporting events or contemporary films. Even our business center—which sports a sizable conference table and a computer/printer—provides people with an ideal setting to pass the time… and possibly even fire off that work email you’ve been putting off while enjoying your trip. Whatever your preference, the Solara Resort Clubhouse and its staff is here to accommodate you and your family’s needs.

When you’re on vacation, recreation and relaxation should be the overarching goal of your daily planning and activities. Nothing should stand in the way of that; not even the nastiest weather patterns. That’s one of our core beliefs here at the Solara Resort, and that’s why we do everything in our power to promote the wide array of fun alternatives to outdoor or water-based entertainment, available whenever the skies decide not to cooperate. Whatever the circumstance, you know that your experience here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse will be a memorable one.  

Getting to Know Joel Stevens, Solara Resort FlowBoarder Ambassador

One of the best parts of FlowRiding during your vacation at Solara Resort is the opportunity to “Flow with a Pro” in the sport. Today, we’re introducing you to Joel Stevens, a professional in both FlowBoarding and Bodyboarding. Joel joined the Solara Flow team last year and has been a valuable asset to us ever since!

Where are you from? How did you end up here in Central Florida?

-North Devon, England. My mom was a motorcycle mechanic for a Yamaha racing team and one of the races where she worked was held in Florida. She liked it so much her she decided to stay. I was five when we moved.

How did you discover FlowBoarding?

-My mom found it and thought I would enjoy it. I was 10 years old when I first started at Fantasy Surf in Central Florida, which is now closed. I don’t think she ever expected it would grow into what it has.

What was the greatest challenge you faced when you first started FlowBoarding?

-I struggled with aerial tricks like the rodeo for a long time when I started bodyboarding. I had to do it for a few years and get older before I really got the hang of it. When I started nailing those, I really felt like I was progressing.

What was your proudest moment as a FlowBoarder?

-Last November in Punta Cana in the FlowRider World Championship, I placed second in the world for bodyboarding. It was a great feeling because when I injured my shoulder last year, I worried it would harm my FlowBoarding career, but I worked through it.

Do you have any mentors or people you look up to?

-When I was young, I looked up to an older rider named Chuck Wright who helped me improve on the stand-up board. He was very talented and helpful to me.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

-I’d like to be working in the medical field, either in physical or respiratory therapy. I plan on studying those areas at UCF this Fall.

Name your favorite musical artist, movie and food.

-Dirty Heads, Surfs Up, Fish n’ Chips. Without a doubt!

Describe your ideal 24-hour day.

-Wake up, go surfing at the beach. Spend time with family in the afternoon. Then party with friends in the evening. I’m kinda predicable.

What makes the FlowRider experience at Solara unique?

-Because of our day pass system, riders can come and go as they please and really take the time to get better throughout the day. Also, our instructors’ one-on-one training gives guests the attention they really need.

What’s your secret to being a successful FlowBoarder?

-Practice and dedication obviously, but also form friendships with other riders and becoming a part of the community. It’s really important to support each other and there are some great people in FlowBoarding.

A New Menu For Solstice Bar & Grille

Visitors to our poolside eatery are in for a treat this month.

Solara Resort’s fantastic clubhouse restaurant, Solstice, is releasing a new and improved menu to coincide with the Spring/Summer travel season. The restaurant will now be open until 7 pm and is sporting a new take-out option, allowing more guests to swing by for a bite after a long day enjoying Orlando’s unrivaled attractions. The new menu is extensive, but it’s worth taking the time to preview a few highlights below.

Don’t worry, everyone’s favorite midday snack—the Firecracker Shrimp—are back and zesty as ever! This starter’s sweet and spicy sauce always keeps guests coming back for more, and now Solstice is introducing a counterpart to try alongside it, the brand-new Coconut Shrimp. With a distinctly more tropical taste, the Coconut Shrimp’s new pineapple chili sauce is sure to develop its own dedicated fanbase to parallel the Firecracker Shrimp. Let’s hope the two camps keep civil and form a consensus by ordering a basket of each!

Next up, for lighter—but no less substantial—fare, try our new Luau Salad. This Hawaiian-inspired dish is packed with flavorful greenery like mangos, pineapple, strawberries, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, and cilantro. The chilled Thai peanut glazed chicken makes for the perfect Eastern-style protein, and the sesame ginger dressing coating the entire salad will leave you wanting more.

Another new appetizer option setting the Solara foodie scene ablaze are the Dubliner Rolls. Hearty comfort food that goes great with a tall brew and friend to share them with, these crispy rolls are packed with corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Dijon. With a side of horseradish dipping sauce, our friends from the British Isles in particular will love the way this starter transports you back to your favorite pub across the pond.

Finally, what Floridian food destination would be complete without a slice of key lime pie to finish off a great meal? Solstice does not disappoint when it comes to this classic dessert. A creamy and tart filling, graham cracker crust and whipped cream with raspberry coulis makes this sweet treat one you won’t want to miss.

Returning fan-favorites to Solstice’s new menu include, but are not limited to, 14” hand-tossed pizzas (with a variety of toppings), scrumptious Mahi Tacos and the renowned Club Sandwich—the preference of this writer.

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit the Solstice Bar & Grille, conveniently located at the Solara Resort Clubhouse. You’ll find there’s no better place to stop and refuel before or after an adventurous day on your dream vacation!

The Solara Resort Book Drive

How You Can Help Give Books to Children in Need

In case you haven’t heard, March is National Reading Month, and we here at Solara Resort are doing everything we can to spread the word! More specifically, our very own Solara Surf Club has partnered up with the wonderful folks over at the Education Foundation of Osceola County to bring quality books to underserved classrooms. After all, what surfer doesn’t enjoy kicking back, catching some rays and cracking open a good book after a long session riding some waves—artificial or otherwise?

For the entire month of March, anyone who shows up to the Solara FlowRider with two children’s books will receive one free half hour surfing session with our world class Flow instructors. Nailing that new trick you’ve been working on or standing up on the board for the first time feels even sweeter knowing you’re helping kids in need access quality reading material. Experts agree that early exposure to books and regular practice with them throughout a child’s younger years is vital to ensuring reading comprehension skills down the line. Tragically, many under-resourced school districts struggle to provide even basic classroom materials like books. The Solara Resort, and our wonderful visitors, have taken up the call to help change this reality and provide every Osceola County child with the educational environment and tools to which they are entitled.

The Solara Surf Club is proud to report that we’ve already collected nearly 150 books in our drive… and March isn’t even over yet! We want to thank every rider who has contributed so far and want to encourage more people to do so before the end of the month. In particular, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the Furman family, whose generous donation of two sizable boxes of diverse and high-quality books, including a treasure trove of Dr. Seuss classics, really took us over the line. With an educator among their number, it’s no wonder the Furmans appreciate the importance of early childhood reading.

Dr. Scott Fritz, Chief of Staff for the Osceola School District, and Kerry Avery, Executive Director of the Education Foundation, kicked off National Reading Month and the Ready to Read Book Drive on Solara Resort’s FlowRider.

So, come visit us, and bring a couple favorite books from your own childhood with you. Why not help introduce a child in need to the wonders of the written word, while you discover a new—distinctly more physical—lifetime passion for FlowRiding at our wonderful resort?    

Our State-of-the-Art Fitness Center

Enjoy the Latest and Greatest During Your Solara Resort Workout

Not everyone enjoying the vacation of a lifetime in Central Florida wants to spend the entire trip laying next to the pool all day or exploring Orlando’s world-famous attractions and theme parks. No, some (believe it or not) come to pump iron. For travelers with this mentality, Solara Resort is THE spot to visit in the Kissimmee/Orlando region. The main reason for this: our ultra-modern, aesthetically invigorating Fitness Center.

Located in the right building at the Solara Resort Clubhouse, the Fitness Center sports some of the latest in exercise systems and equipment. From classic cardio workouts on our treadmills and exercise bikes, to a wide variety of weights for those trying to bulk up, the Fitness Center has a little something for everyone.

Many of our machines feature digital screens that track your exercise progress or display entertainment and TV segments to keep you occupied during long sessions. Other exercise tools offered at our Fitness Center include, but are certainly not limited to, a water-rower, leg presses, ellipticals, bench presses and a pull up bar. We also have numerous and different exercise mats, balls and bands available to visitors.

Our fitness center maintains the highest standards in cleanliness and health, with daily cleanings and sanitation wipes for guests to utilize after their workouts. Just around the corner and down a short hall from the Fitness Center are tidy womens’ and mens’ restrooms along with a hydration station where visitors can drink from a fountain or refill their own bottles.

Wall length mirrors and a beautiful view out onto our pool and FlowRider areas set the perfect scene for a morning stint at the gym. There’s also a big screen television (generally set to ESPN) and energizing music pumping throughout the day and evening so that guests can get into the right mindset to hit those workout goals.

For those looking for a sleek, comfortable environment to train for an event or sport, exercise for health reasons, or even just to blow off some steam before or after a long day with the kids, Solara Resort’s Fitness Center is a welcome addition to our Grand Clubhouse’s manifold amenities.

The Fitness Center is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day. Visitors can enjoy the gym outside of that time range with one of our new 24-hour access key cards. All they’ll need is $10 as a security deposit and some form of ID for us to copy and a temporary card is all theirs. See clubhouse staff for details.   

Find Your Zen in the Solara Resort Multipurpose Room

Discover the Many Opportunities the Multipurpose Room Holds for Solara Resort Guests

Sometimes the best place to relax and find your own personal nirvana while on vacation isn’t poolside or sleeping late in your comfortable bed… it’s with a little yoga!

For fans of yoga staying in the idyllic Solara Resort, we have some good news. The Solara Resort Clubhouse features a pristine and sleek multipurpose room that doubles as a yoga/dance studio. The multipurpose room offers a gorgeous view of our pool areas through windows lining one wall with full length mirrors running along another wall. Guests visiting the room are offered the perfect opportunity to unwind in quiet, comfort and tranquility. They can even step out onto the adjoining grassy terrace for a little fresh air after or during their yoga session.

Solara’s state-of-the-art digital music system also allows us to pipe in calming tracks — or heart pumping beats for the occasional dancer developing some sweet choreography. In any case, we can tailor the room’s settings to suit a guests’ needs. No need to bother your other housemates at your rental home with loud music. Come on down to the multipurpose room and get the party started!

Arguably the greatest feature of our multipurpose is its high-tech projector and wall-length movie screen. No need to panic when lightning strikes and your kids exit the pools; we’ll just flip on a hit movie in the multipurpose room to keep them occupied until the sun comes out again. With our famously popular Teen Room only a few feet away, the multipurpose room is just one part of the endless array of activities the Solara Resort Clubhouse has to offer, rain or shine.

The multipurpose room is located right across the hall from the lifestyle office in the Clubhouse. It is located in the same building as our Fitness Center and is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. each and every day. Yoga mats are available in our Fitness Center.

The Necessities are Waiting at the Sundry Store at Solara Resort

            Nothing spoils the first night of a great vacation like forgetting to pack an essential toiletry. A travel-size toothbrush, a stick of deodorant; these are vital tools for any overnight stay—especially out of state or country. No one likes a stinky neighbor in the lines at Disney after all!

            Luckily, the Sundry store here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse has you covered… and then some! Conveniently located adjacent to the fabulous Solstice Bar & Grille, Solara’s Sundry Store is open daily from 11:00 am to 6:00pm. It offers any and everything a busy, globe-trotting Solara visitor could ask for.

From quick snacks to bring on any one of Orlando’s many wonderful excursions or fashionable beach towels and sunglasses for those just looking to chill by the pool for the day, it’s all here. We also offer a wide variety of soft drinks and juices, as well as some truly scrumptious frozen treats to beat the heat. And let’s not forget the inflatable pool toys and professionally designed FlowRider boards for those with an interest in pursuing the sport beyond their first visit to Solara’s totally tubular surfing simulator.

            Other products at the Sundry Store include functional hats—in visor and bucket forms—versatile shirts, and, of course, plenty of sunscreen. The Sundry Store’s relaxed atmosphere and reasonable prices make it an ideal place to stop, re-supply and take a moment during an adventurous day out. Plus, it’s right next-door to our fantastic bar and grill, Solstice, where guests are sure to make friends with our engaging staff and try some truly delicious food!

            So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to the Solara Resort Sundry Store and make sure you have to attire, items and treats to take your dream vacation to the next level.     

Theme Park Ticket Sales at the Solara Resort Clubhouse

Theme Park Ticket Sales at the Solara Resort Clubhouse

Are you tired of navigating complex websites and long phone calls just so that you can book tickets for yourself and your family at some of Orlando’s greatest attractions? Well, have we got great news for you!

Solara Resort is happy to announce that we are kicking off the new year with a brand-new onsite ticket sales option for guests and homeowners. Starting this month, the Solara Lifestyle office, conveniently located next to our state-of-the art Fitness Center, will begin serving as a one stop shop for all our visitors’ ticketing needs.

Central Florida’s world-famous theme parks and amenities are just one quick conversation away. Our talented and attentive staff will help you to plan and book the experience of a lifetime.

So, come on down and explore ticket options for any of the following locations:

-Walt Disney World

-Universal Studios Orlando


-Busch Gardens

-Aquatica and Adventure Island


-And many, many more!

We can’t wait to help you make the most of your trip to the Solara Resort!

You can also explore our ticket options on our online portal here.