Solara Hosts FlowRider Icebreaker Pro/Am

People often assume that water sports are reserved for Florida’s summer and spring months, when the sun blazes each day and temperatures routinely exceed 90, or even 100, degrees. Well, those individuals obviously haven’t been to the Solara Resort Clubhouse!

For the Solara Surf Club, the chillier, but by no means frigid, winter climate offers a challenge. Specifically, it presents the opportunity for a truly groundbreaking new Flow contest: The Ice Breaker Pro/Am Competition! Held earlier this month, this thrilling display of FlowBoarding prowess is only the latest in a series of incredible special events that continue to define our growing flow community.

The competition on January 4th brought together 35 boarders of varying skill levels and backgrounds, who competed in 8 separate divisions. FlowRider stars like Brad Spencer and Joel Stevens rubbed shoulders with relative newcomers, imparting lessons and offering encouragement throughout the day’s proceedings. All the while, Solara’s Flow Ambassador Andy Haase offered his famously expert and witty commentary, acting as the planner and MC of the overall contest. By the close of the tournament, numerous medals, prize bags and other goodies had been distributed to the competitors, and everyone had forgotten about the cold as they looked back on a fun day few of them are likely to forget anytime soon.

Ironically, it was Florida’s characteristically bombastic tropical weather, rather than any cold winter front, that nearly put a damper on the day’s activities, with Mr. Haase having to delay the start of the competition a bit for storm safety reasons. Luckily, Mother Nature cut us a break that day, and the skies soon cleared enough for the tournament to kick-off. Even so, the caution displayed by the Flow staff in this instance is a perfect example of the emphasis we consistently place on correct protocol at Solara Resort, a practice which has guaranteed a safety track record that we remain proud of.

We would be remiss not to acknowledge and thank the Ice Breaker’s title sponsor Rent-A-Villa/Eagle Management for their generosity. As one of Solara Resort’s property managers, Rent-A-Villa is more than just an excellent provider of high-quality vacation rentals for their customers; they are a thoughtful and innovative stakeholder in our community. The Solara Surf Club was sure to repay Rent-A-Villa for their considerable contribution to the cause, happily producing a series of virtual tours of some of the company’s lovely properties for use on social media and in marketing generally. Be sure to view them on the Solara Surf Club’s Facebook page. They also designed exclusive shirts sporting Rent-A-Villa’s easily recognizable logo to commemorate the Ice Breaker Pro/Am. We’re confident that these initiatives will help ensure the public appreciates Rent-A-Villa as much as we do.

As this event makes plain, Flowboarding is a wonderful pastime any time of year. Whether you’re eager to compete in our next exciting contest or just want to purchase a day pass in order to try your hand at the sport, our dedicated instructors are always on hand to make your experience a great one. With a lot of practice and a little luck, you could be bringing home a gold medal this time next year. You wouldn’t be the first visitor to discover a new passion at Solara Resort’s FlowRider.

A Year of Fun at Central Florida’s Best Vacation Resort!

We’re happy to look back on 2019 and recall some of the developments that made this year so special.

It’s hard to believe the year 2019 has come and gone already. What a whirlwind, particularly here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse. From a new phase of home construction to exciting new events and features at our expansive Grand Clubhouse facility, we have been keeping busy these past twelve months. There’s a lot to be proud of, and even more to look forward to in the coming years.

Throughout the experience, we’ve been consistently lucky to interact with wonderful, fun-loving guests and homeowners who inspire us each and every day to work to ensure our resort community reaches its full potential. Today, we’re happy to look back on 2019 and recall some of the developments that made this year so special.

January of 2019 saw us partner with Kissimmee Guest Services to bring on-site ticket sales for local attractions to the the Solara Resort Clubhouse. As you might imagine, this introduction has been nothing short of revolutionary. Our lucky Clubhouse visitors now have the option to carefully study and select the most sensible and affordable ticket options for themselves and their families to the area’s world famous theme parks and other hotspots in the comfort of our lovely clubhouse. Our patient, enthusiastic staff helps guests navigate the often complex world of ticket prices, availability and tiers, freeing guests to focus the more fun aspects of their planning. With the addition of KGS’s on-site ticket sales system, our state of the art clubhouse facility is one step closer to becoming a virtual one-stop shop in terms of providing everything you’ll need over the course of your vacation to the Solara Resort.

Arguably the most impressive breakthroughs to occur in 2019 at the Solara Resort, did so in the area of our increasingly renowned FlowRider. FlowRider usage, new memberships and special events all ballooned throughout 2019, and that’s all thanks to our dedicated and passionate staff. May 11th brought around 40 professional and semi-professional Flow boarders to the Solara Resort for our first ever Flow Tour Pro/Am competition, where flow superstars like Brad Spencer, Nick Sanchez and Jon Reese battled it out for titles and prizes. Between the incredible on-site DJ, the delicious food from the Solstice Bar & Grille and the fun games and informational tents from our sponsor Global Resort Homes, it was a day for the books. We’re so excited to collaborate with FlowBoarder again in the future to bring more competitions and events to our growing FlowRider community.

Also in the FlowRider realm, we would be remiss not to commend our very own flow instructor Joel Stevens for his recent new Guinness World Record. In a truly groundbreaking feat, Joel was able to complete an awe-inspiring 1,059 consecutive 360 degree spins on his FlowBoard over the course of about 45 minutes. Anyone whose experienced the rapidly-moving waters of our flow-wave can tell you how unbelievable Joel’s achievement is. When it comes to the Solara Resort’s staff, we really are blessed with some of the most talented people in the world.

When one considers how far the Solara Resort has come in the short year and a half that it’s been open, it’s striking. 2019 was a benchmark year, but it’s still just the beginning. Every day, we’re dreaming up new and innovative ways to take our Resort, and your experience here, to the next level. Who knows what next year, and the 2020s following it, hold in store for Orlando’s pre-eminent vacation rental community. We hope you’ll join us as we chart the course!

Smashing World Records at the Clubhouse!

Here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse, our main objective may be to provide our guests with the vacation experience of a lifetime, but what many don’t realize is that we’re in the history making business, too.

Did you know that one of the Solara Resort’s very own, Flow instructor and award-winning rider Joel Stevens, is now the proud holder of a brand new prestigious Guinness World Record? That’s right: after a stunning 45 minutes of continuous riding on Solara’s thrilling Flow wave surfing simulator, Joel racked up 1,059 consecutive 360 degree spins on his Flowboard—a truly awe-inspiring feat!

When asked for comment after this achievement, Joel joked, “After about 800 [spins], you start to lose the feeling of what life was like before the spinning started.”

Joel’s new record is just the latest exploit in a professional FlowRiding career characterized by success in international competitions and in everyday Flow instruction. At just 19 years old, Joel remains a figure to watch in FlowRiding circles as he continues to hone his craft, even as he begins college this year.

FlowRider World Record
Joel mid-record attempt.

One thing is for certain: as Joel strives and breaks new ground on the waves, Solara Resort will be by his side—ready to support and facilitate his development in every way we can.

One man with a keen understanding of the difficulty involved in executing so many consecutive 360 degree spins on such rapidly moving water is Joel’s boss and mentor, Andy Haase. As Solara Resort’s Wave Ambassador, Andy is the mastermind behind the resort’s flourishing Solara Surf Club,and the one who reached out to Guinness with the idea to establish a new FlowRider-oriented category among their list of wide-variety of world records. A central figure in the FlowRiding scene for well over a decade, Andy is renowned for his colorful commentary and expert knowledge as a regular judge in countless Flow competitions. He hopes that Joel’s recent breakthrough, and Guinness’s involvement, will help publicize the growing sport.

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” Andy said of Joel’s new record. Andy himself was able to complete around 300 continuous 360 degree spins on the day Joel established the new record—no small accomplishment itself! As anyone who’s picked up a Flow board can tell you, this writer included, completing a single 360 degree spin (let alone several uninterrupted hundred) takes a great deal of dedication and practice.

If you’d like to witness the day’s impressive events for yourself, be sure to check out the Solara Surf Club’s Facebook page and watch the Guinness World Record video posted on November 14, 2019. It’s the best source available for the latest on everything Flow-related at the Solara Resort.

Andy and Joel are just two examples of the exemplary staff we are lucky enough have as part of the Solara family here at the resort. Whether it’s our talented Flow instructors, watchful pool monitors or friendly restaurant staff, everyone working at Solara does their best, day in and day out, to take our Resort to the next level. Who’s to say which of us will make history next!

Get Spooky with Halloween Festivities at the Clubhouse

If you and your family are looking for a real fright during your stay at Solara Resort this month, we know just the place for you.

And the best thing about it? You don’t even have to leave our fabulous community to enjoy it. That’s right, the Solara Resort Clubhouse is getting a spooky makeover again, and you are invited to come take in the creepy festivities.

Aside from the extensive Halloween-themed decorations—which will help to transform our otherwise impeccably designed vacation destination into a wonderland of witches, ghosts and other kid-friendly holiday staples—the last week of October will see the Solara Resort Clubhouse sporting a variety unique of Halloween-centered activities and attractions. We’re thrilled to be offering new ways to help guests’ kids feel right at home as they celebrate one of their favorite holidays while on vacation in the Orlando area. For international guests who may not traditionally observe Halloween in their home country, participating in our eerie extravaganza is the perfect way to experience this trademark of American culture. At Solara Resort, we bring the spirt of Halloween to you! Let’s just hope it’s one of those nice spirits like Casper and not something more… sinister.

Right off the bat (no pun intended), kids will have the opportunity to take part in our Halloween-themed digital scavenger hunt. This brain-teaser will see young vacationers examining clues and solving riddles revolving around candy and other more creepy topics. This activity is a great way to keep children occupied for bit during an afternoon, and to give parents a needed brief reprieve. For more information about the digital scavenger hunt, see the Solara Lifestyle staff at the Clubhouse or email them at

What would Halloween be without tasty treats? On this front, the Solara Resort—more specifically our renowned Solstice Bar & Grille—has guests more than adequately covered. From 2 pm to 4 pm each day of Halloween week, starting on Monday, October 28th, kids 12 and under will be able to enjoy our Spooky Sundae Station. They’ll be free to choose one scoop from several scrumptious ice cream flavors among our extensive supply and then, most excitingly, top it off with some truly freighting but delectable holiday-themed toppings. All the classics will be there, with some innovative new additions to boot. Don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to beat the heat and celebrate the monstrous occasion.

These and many other activities await any vacationing family brave enough to visit our haunted clubhouse during the freakily fateful week leading up to October 31st. Aside from our ghoulish games and goodies, we highly encourage guests to seek out other regional Halloween-themed attractions during their stay with us, like Universal Studios famously scary Halloween Horror Nights. Because when it comes to ringing in the most hair-raising day of the year, nobody does it like we do at the Solara Resort Clubhouse!

You’re Invited: Join Us For a Labor Day Luau at the Clubhouse!

This Labor Day, the talented chefs at our Clubhouse restaurant, Solstice Bar & Grille, are putting together a very special menu for visitors to Solara Resort.

From 2 – 6 pm on Saturday, September 7th, we invite you to enjoy all you can eat tropical offerings that are sure to leave a lasting impression! Hurry in, because the roasted pig will be served from 2 – 4 pm, or until supplies last.

Singer Ryan McVeigh will be providing entertainment for the event!

A specialty cocktail menu will be offered at the event as well. We invite you to explore the options below:

Coconut Paradise- Rumhaven, Banana, Razzmatazz, OJ, Pineapple, Splash of Grenadine, Served in a Rumhaven Coconut

Hawaiian Blue Wave- Pineapple New Amsterdam, Pineapple Juice, Blue Curacao, Lemonade

Frozen Coconut Cream Lemonade- Rum Haven, Lemonade, Pina Colada

School Supply Drive at the Clubhouse

We are excited to announce our July School Supply Drive benefitting the Education Foundation of Osceola County and A Gift For Teaching! Starting on Monday, July 8th, our guests will receive $10 off of on the FlowRider by donating two school supply items or by donating $5 to the Education Foundation of Osceola County. 

Solara School Supply Drive

Remember how excited you were for the first day of school?  You spent days picking out the coolest backpack, perfect pencils, most unique erasers and the hottest lunchbox!  But the reality for the over 86% of students who receive lunch benefits is very different.  Their families are unable to purchase the basic supplies needed to participate in school.  Instead of feeling excited, they are nervous and hope no one notices they don’t have the same supplies as everyone else.  They often sit in the back of the classroom and don’t participate in discussions or activities so they can hide the fact they don’t have the required materials.

A Gift For Teaching’s goal is to provide school supplies for FREE for students in need so they can participate fully in education opportunities and complete all assignments just like everyone else.  Through our July School Supply Drive, we will help to bring the community together to collect much needed supplies. 

Hosting Fantastic Private Events in the Clubhouse

In addition to being Central Florida’s preeminent vacation rental community, Solara Resort is the perfect place to host your upcoming event or party.

Our beautiful state-of-the-art Clubhouse area, one of the biggest facilities of its type, provides numerous spaces for small-to-medium size gatherings. Who wouldn’t love spending the day next to our pool or riding our thrilling FlowRider before dressing up a little in the afternoon for a special occasion here in the evening?

Last month, we were lucky enough to host a sizeable double-graduation party in our Clubhouse living area and restaurant space. Solara’s very own restaurant, Solstice Bar & Grille, provided a tailor-made dinner buffet for the guests, with everything from prime cut beef to scrumptious greens available. We even cleared the interior living space of furniture to create a dance floor for the family and their friends. Family members gave speeches, enjoyed drinks and danced the night away. With around 70 people, it was one of our larger events—and one to remember!

A slightly smaller, but no less fun, occasion was the double birthday party we held here for two young sisters the week prior. The mother and father of the girls brought decorations and supplies of their own for a small display and seating area just outside of our Fitness Center. Their mermaid theme was a home run amongst partygoers and our staff alike.

Since the soiree took place during our normal hours of operation, the kids were able to join other guests at our ever popular splashpad where they built up an appetite for our restaurant’s tasty pizza bites and other specially designed finger foods. When considering all the attractions available at the Solara Resort Clubhouse, deciding to hold a children’s party here is an absolute no-brainer!

If you’re interested in holding your next birthday bash, family reunion or similarly festive gathering at our facility, be sure to call our Clubhouse at (407-479-5500 x 107) well in advance of the date in question. That way, our staff will be able to determine the best way to make your event possible and go over any related costs with you. It’s important to remember that special events held here generally must not conflict with the normal operation of our Clubhouse or pool areas. As ever, the satisfaction and well-being of normal Solara guests is a top priority of the Solara Lifestyle staff. Also, any food or beverages consumed during an event here, must be provided through the Solstice Bar & Grille—exceptions can be made for cakes. Restaurant management here is always happy to plan and price unique event menus for partygoers prior to their event date.

Everyone working at the Solara Resort, from the FlowRider instructors to Solstice’s restaurant staff to our peerless security team, is dedicated to helping you craft happy memories that will last a lifetime. We are privileged to help you plan and realize your own special events with this in mind, and we can’t wait to see how several of our upcoming parties turn out as we head into summer.

The FLOW Tour Comes to Solara Resort

What a month! In the past 30 days, Solara Resort was privileged to host several exciting events in our Clubhouse. From birthdays to graduations, we’ve been having a great time utilizing our facilities to their fullest potential. That said, our FlowRider Pro/Am competition last week undoubtedly ranks as our most epic recent special event.

Around 40 riders, some from across the country, converged on Solara on May 11th to participate in what turned out to be a truly fun-filled and memorable contest. With a ton of varied prizes and coveted titles -and the bragging rights that go with them- up for grabs, flow and body boarders of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds engaged in a fierce but friendly bout to determine the best of the best.

Adam Muller of FlowRider® was onsite to help oversee and facilitate the proceedings, and we had a ton of unique FlowRider-inspired merchandise on sale as well. Our DJ, Aaron Haase, and our outdoor grill, staffed by our friends at Solstice Bar & Grille, really kicked the festivities up a notch. There’s nothing like a big cheeseburger or condiment coated hot dog to get the competitive juices flowing.

Renowned rider Brad Spencer took top prize in the esteemed Pro Men’s Flowboard category, with Solara FlowClub member Theo Koby and Solara Flow instructor Joel Stevens taking the second and third spots respectively. Joel also placed first in the particularly heated Pro Open Bodyboard contest, with pro boarders Jon Reese and Nick Sanchez hot on his heels in the second and third place spots. Oro Valentin edged out a win over another Solara Flow instructor Jay Lorenzano in the Men’s Bodyboard bracket, followed by Eli Weeks in third. Other first place winners that day included Zak Shub in Men’s Flowboards, Nicole Cantalupo in Female Bodyboards, Vanessa Arroyo in Female Flowboards, Ken Howell in Master’s Bodyboards, Eddi Ens in Master’s Flowboards, Jeffery Howell in Junior Bodyboards, Nate Newman in Junior Flowboards, Jeffery Howell in Youth Bodyboards and Luke Newman in Youth Flowboards. Prizes that day included monetary rewards, merch bags and even a board. While not everyone could be a winner that day, we trust that every competitor learned a ton by observing and joining in the tournament.

While Solara thanks its dedicated staff and our many sponsors for their help in making the Pro/Am competition a resounding success, we would be remiss not to single out our title sponsor Global Resort Homes for providing us with the bulk of the resources necessary to carry out our event. Spectators and riders alike were thrilled to participate in Global’s raffle that day and to learn about Global’s high quality services from Candice and Frankie after playing a round of cornhole or spike ball while awaiting the next Pro/Am heat. There is no question Solara’s first FlowRider Pro/Am contest would not have been possible without the generous patronage of Global Resort Homes and other sponsors like them.

The Solara family couldn’t be happier with the outcome of May 11th’s FlowRider tournament. We’re so excited to follow it up with other similarly large scale and successful events this summer. Be sure to follow the Solara Resort’s Facebook and Instagram pages so that you can keep abreast of future proceedings here. Who knows? With a little practice, you may be ready to enter our next FlowRider competition here at Solara Resort!

We invite you to browse some photos from the event below:

« 1 of 7 »

The Solara Resort Book Drive

How You Can Help Give Books to Children in Need

In case you haven’t heard, March is National Reading Month, and we here at Solara Resort are doing everything we can to spread the word! More specifically, our very own Solara Surf Club has partnered up with the wonderful folks over at the Education Foundation of Osceola County to bring quality books to underserved classrooms. After all, what surfer doesn’t enjoy kicking back, catching some rays and cracking open a good book after a long session riding some waves—artificial or otherwise?

For the entire month of March, anyone who shows up to the Solara FlowRider with two children’s books will receive one free half hour surfing session with our world class Flow instructors. Nailing that new trick you’ve been working on or standing up on the board for the first time feels even sweeter knowing you’re helping kids in need access quality reading material. Experts agree that early exposure to books and regular practice with them throughout a child’s younger years is vital to ensuring reading comprehension skills down the line. Tragically, many under-resourced school districts struggle to provide even basic classroom materials like books. The Solara Resort, and our wonderful visitors, have taken up the call to help change this reality and provide every Osceola County child with the educational environment and tools to which they are entitled.

The Solara Surf Club is proud to report that we’ve already collected nearly 150 books in our drive… and March isn’t even over yet! We want to thank every rider who has contributed so far and want to encourage more people to do so before the end of the month. In particular, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the Furman family, whose generous donation of two sizable boxes of diverse and high-quality books, including a treasure trove of Dr. Seuss classics, really took us over the line. With an educator among their number, it’s no wonder the Furmans appreciate the importance of early childhood reading.

Dr. Scott Fritz, Chief of Staff for the Osceola School District, and Kerry Avery, Executive Director of the Education Foundation, kicked off National Reading Month and the Ready to Read Book Drive on Solara Resort’s FlowRider.

So, come visit us, and bring a couple favorite books from your own childhood with you. Why not help introduce a child in need to the wonders of the written word, while you discover a new—distinctly more physical—lifetime passion for FlowRiding at our wonderful resort?    

Trick or Treating at Solara Resort

Trick or Treating at Solara Resort

Vacationing during Halloween? Bring the whole family to join our ghoulish festivities. Solara Resort is hosting our very first annual Trick or Treat bash. Find each Halloween-themed spooky spot and receive a delicious treat!

Don’t forget to wear something creepy or cool. Show off your costumes and the best dressed will win a special prize! Brownie Points for uniquely creative outfits and accessories. Need some costume inspiration? Check out the image gallery below to see some of our FlowRider staff showing off their Halloween best!

If your sweet tooth requires more than your average Halloween candy, stop by our restaurant, Solstice Bar & Grille, to enjoy our monstrously mouthwatering Mud Pie Float — specially available for Halloween only! The chocolatey flavor and creepy gummy worms are sure to make your skin crawl and your stomach growl.

Halloween comes only once a year, and just because you’re on vacation in sunny paradise doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate. We’re so excited to give you a festive fright and make this Halloween one you and your family won’t soon forget!

Trick or Treating
October 27th – 31st
From 12 – 6 pm
At the Clubhouse