Memorial Day Reopening at Solara Resort

It is with significant gratitude for the cooperation of our community members throughout the COVID-19 closure period that the Solara Resort can now happily announce the beginning of a phased reopening of our clubhouse amenities.

This decision was reached in collaboration with Solara Resort’s Board of Directors, and is being undertaken incrementally—with due attention paid to state, county and city guidelines. As ever, our number one priority remains safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of our guests. It is with that goal in mind that we have developed a number of rules and procedures governing how our re-opening will unfold. The first phase of this process will focus on our facility’s pool areas.

Solara’s Lifestyle staff will be maintaining strict social distancing measures in our pool areas designed to limit person-to-person contact and reduce the potential risk of transmitting the coronavirus between guests. The number of pool deck chairs will be limited to 50% of our normal capacity, and chairs will kept at least six feet from one another. We are asking that every guest bring a mask, to wear when they use the restroom, and are prohibiting individuals from congregating in groups unless they are from the same household. Our staff will be on hand at all times to ensure the safety of swimmers and to enforce these and other measures.

For the time being, the pool will be available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Our staff would like to stress that while we encourage guests to visit our pool area and believe our new guidelines will keep guests safe, those that utilize our resort’s amenities at this time do so at their own risk. We understand that some of these regulations may appear burdensome, but we kindly ask visitors to continue to respect our facility’s COVID-19 response initiatives. We are optimistic that if these precautions are followed and guests remain healthy, our phased re-opening can proceed and more of our wonderful amenities can be made available.

The Solstice Bar & Grille will remain closed at this time. We are confident and hopeful that it will become available again soon, particularly if guests heed our other regulations. The same is true of our basketball court and a number of other amenities at this time. Please follow Solara’s social media accounts for regular updates. Our dedicated staff is also always on hand to provide further information.

We would be remiss not to reiterate our profound thanks to all the homeowners, guests and staff members who have helped keep the Solara Resort safe during this unprecedented public health crisis. This has been a difficult period for everyone, but the respectful, helpful response of so many of Solara’s stakeholders to our COVID-19 actions has strengthened our faith in this community and our ability to weather this pandemic. With your continued support and cooperation, we trust that the Solara Resort and our fantastic clubhouse facility and amenities will be operating normally again in the near future. We will be here waiting to welcome you, your friends and your loved ones to Central Florida’s premier vacation rental community.

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