St. Patrick’s Day Activity at the Clubhouse

Please note that, for the safety of our guests and staff, we are staying up-to-date with the latest Centers for Diseases Control Coronavirus guidelines and any currently scheduled activities are subject to change.

St. Patrick’s day is one of our favorite holidays here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse. The imagery, traditions and great food associated with this special day never fail to illicit feelings of good cheer and excitement amongst our staff. With that in mind, we’ve worked overtime to develop a unique event that we believe will help our guests enjoy the festivities as much as we do—and get a little souvenir to remind them of the happy occasion for years to come in the process. This St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday March 17th, visitors to our clubhouse’s pool area will have the opportunity to create their own unique St. Patrick’s day tie dye t-shirt!

Not only is creating your own tie dye t-shirt a fun and educational process for both young and old guests; it’s also produces the perfect lifelong memento of your vacation with us -something you can look back on years from now and recall the wonderful time you had at the Solara resort. Having trouble deciding what kind of souvenir to purchase for that friend or coworker back home? Why not make them a tie dye t-shirt. The personal effort and creativity you put into creating this fun gift is sure to leave the recipient feeling particularly grateful. If you’re a parent, make one for your child, or vice versa. You’ll be glad to have another light article of clothing to help beat the Florida heat during your trip. The possibilities are endless!

At $10 a shirt, you can’t beat this awesome afternoon activity. It’s the perfect way to occupy the kids while you relax by the pool. We offer a variety of dye colors including green and gold to commemorate St. Patrick’s day. Our dedicated staff is on hand to instruct and encourage any budding artists that want to try their hand. We’ll make sure you walk away from the tie dye station with a finished product you can be proud of, or at least one that’s sure to turn some heads. The best vacation activities are the ones you always remember, and we promise you and your family won’t soon forget your stop at this unique experience. We’ve even begun to develop a little friendly competition between our staff members about which of us produces the best tie dye t-shirts. Will you and your friends and family be just as excited to flex your fashion skills? Only time will tell.

Whatever the special occasion -whether it be a holiday, school-break or even a wedding- we here at the Solara resort are always dreaming up new ways for our visitors to craft the magical vacation memories they can cherish for a lifetime. Sometimes the most special experiences a child can have come from things as simple as making a tie dye t-shirt on beautiful warm day with the people they love. Those of us who are older can vividly remember similarly simple, yet fun snapshots from our own early years -snapshots we retain forever.

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