Escape the Cold in Style at the Solara Resort Clubhouse

The Solara Resort Clubhouse is here to provide you with an idyllic escape during your least favorite time of year. It’s always Summer at the Solara Resort Clubhouse!

For so many across the country and abroad, the winter months evoke a feeling of frustrated boredom. With bitterly low temperatures and often inconvenient snow and ice, the onset of this season can severely limit the types of activities one can engage in. Even the most avid runner or biker admits to the unpleasantness of windburn. The regular swimmer, unless they’re lucky enough to have access to a heated indoor pool or they’re willing to engage in some sort of frigid polar bear-dive event, has to forego their favorite hobby as well. Aside from snow-specific pastimes like skiing or sledding, which are usually only available in some places and even then only under certain circumstances, winter practically spells the end of outside fun altogether… unless, of course, you’re staying at Solara Resort in the great state of Florida.

That’s right, winter naysayers need fret no longer. The Solara Resort Clubhouse is here to provide you with an idyllic escape during your least favorite time of year. Who says you have to stay cooped up in your home longingly counting the days until the advent of spring when there’s a superbly outfitted, and most importantly much warmer, winter hideaway just a plane, train, car or boat ride away? Solara Resort is the best place to spend not just your summer or spring vacation, but your winter one too.

Our community sports a variety of uniquely decorated and outfitted quality vacation rental homes, most of which offer enough bedrooms to comfortably house your entire extended family. Take a dip in your home’s lovely pool or stroll over to the community’s extensive Clubhouse facility, where our heated spacious pool is just the first of many attractions that are sure to make you forget the freezing temperatures back home. Visitors to the clubhouse can play a variety of outdoor sports like basketball, soccer or volleyball on one of our well-maintained courts and fields. They can go for a jog around our beautiful lake or even just lounge near the water and work on their suntan.

Our playground and kid’s Splashpad water activity area are sure to keep the little ones occupied, giving parents the freedom to visit the Solstice Bar & Grille and try one of our specialty drinks. Most excitingly, the clubhouse’s FlowRider surfing simulator grants guests the chance to experience a truly wild ride as our expert instructors teach them how to hang ten and ride our thrilling Flow wave—who’d have thought such a possibility existed in the dead of winter!?

The fun doesn’t stop at the resort’s front gate of course; there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of unrivaled outdoor attractions in the Orlando area that we at Solara call home. Internationally renowned theme parks make the region a global destination for fun all year round. Disney, Universal Studios and Seaworld all offer holiday-themed special events this time of year. In fact, many prefer wintertime trips to these parks to summer ones for that very reason. If you’d like to learn more about Orlando’s theme parks, ask one of our knowledgeable lifestyle staff at the clubhouse. They can even conveniently sell you tickets onsite if you decide to visit one of the parks.

As you can see, there’s no reason not to enjoy the winter months as much as the rest of the year when you’re in our community. Don’t dread the coming of December, book your trip today and celebrate your winter holiday Florida’s finest vacation rental community — Solara Resort.

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