Solara Hosts FlowRider Icebreaker Pro/Am

People often assume that water sports are reserved for Florida’s summer and spring months, when the sun blazes each day and temperatures routinely exceed 90, or even 100, degrees. Well, those individuals obviously haven’t been to the Solara Resort Clubhouse!

For the Solara Surf Club, the chillier, but by no means frigid, winter climate offers a challenge. Specifically, it presents the opportunity for a truly groundbreaking new Flow contest: The Ice Breaker Pro/Am Competition! Held earlier this month, this thrilling display of FlowBoarding prowess is only the latest in a series of incredible special events that continue to define our growing flow community.

The competition on January 4th brought together 35 boarders of varying skill levels and backgrounds, who competed in 8 separate divisions. FlowRider stars like Brad Spencer and Joel Stevens rubbed shoulders with relative newcomers, imparting lessons and offering encouragement throughout the day’s proceedings. All the while, Solara’s Flow Ambassador Andy Haase offered his famously expert and witty commentary, acting as the planner and MC of the overall contest. By the close of the tournament, numerous medals, prize bags and other goodies had been distributed to the competitors, and everyone had forgotten about the cold as they looked back on a fun day few of them are likely to forget anytime soon.

Ironically, it was Florida’s characteristically bombastic tropical weather, rather than any cold winter front, that nearly put a damper on the day’s activities, with Mr. Haase having to delay the start of the competition a bit for storm safety reasons. Luckily, Mother Nature cut us a break that day, and the skies soon cleared enough for the tournament to kick-off. Even so, the caution displayed by the Flow staff in this instance is a perfect example of the emphasis we consistently place on correct protocol at Solara Resort, a practice which has guaranteed a safety track record that we remain proud of.

We would be remiss not to acknowledge and thank the Ice Breaker’s title sponsor Rent-A-Villa/Eagle Management for their generosity. As one of Solara Resort’s property managers, Rent-A-Villa is more than just an excellent provider of high-quality vacation rentals for their customers; they are a thoughtful and innovative stakeholder in our community. The Solara Surf Club was sure to repay Rent-A-Villa for their considerable contribution to the cause, happily producing a series of virtual tours of some of the company’s lovely properties for use on social media and in marketing generally. Be sure to view them on the Solara Surf Club’s Facebook page. They also designed exclusive shirts sporting Rent-A-Villa’s easily recognizable logo to commemorate the Ice Breaker Pro/Am. We’re confident that these initiatives will help ensure the public appreciates Rent-A-Villa as much as we do.

As this event makes plain, Flowboarding is a wonderful pastime any time of year. Whether you’re eager to compete in our next exciting contest or just want to purchase a day pass in order to try your hand at the sport, our dedicated instructors are always on hand to make your experience a great one. With a lot of practice and a little luck, you could be bringing home a gold medal this time next year. You wouldn’t be the first visitor to discover a new passion at Solara Resort’s FlowRider.

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