A Year of Fun at Central Florida’s Best Vacation Resort!

We’re happy to look back on 2019 and recall some of the developments that made this year so special.

It’s hard to believe the year 2019 has come and gone already. What a whirlwind, particularly here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse. From a new phase of home construction to exciting new events and features at our expansive Grand Clubhouse facility, we have been keeping busy these past twelve months. There’s a lot to be proud of, and even more to look forward to in the coming years.

Throughout the experience, we’ve been consistently lucky to interact with wonderful, fun-loving guests and homeowners who inspire us each and every day to work to ensure our resort community reaches its full potential. Today, we’re happy to look back on 2019 and recall some of the developments that made this year so special.

January of 2019 saw us partner with Kissimmee Guest Services to bring on-site ticket sales for local attractions to the the Solara Resort Clubhouse. As you might imagine, this introduction has been nothing short of revolutionary. Our lucky Clubhouse visitors now have the option to carefully study and select the most sensible and affordable ticket options for themselves and their families to the area’s world famous theme parks and other hotspots in the comfort of our lovely clubhouse. Our patient, enthusiastic staff helps guests navigate the often complex world of ticket prices, availability and tiers, freeing guests to focus the more fun aspects of their planning. With the addition of KGS’s on-site ticket sales system, our state of the art clubhouse facility is one step closer to becoming a virtual one-stop shop in terms of providing everything you’ll need over the course of your vacation to the Solara Resort.

Arguably the most impressive breakthroughs to occur in 2019 at the Solara Resort, did so in the area of our increasingly renowned FlowRider. FlowRider usage, new memberships and special events all ballooned throughout 2019, and that’s all thanks to our dedicated and passionate staff. May 11th brought around 40 professional and semi-professional Flow boarders to the Solara Resort for our first ever Flow Tour Pro/Am competition, where flow superstars like Brad Spencer, Nick Sanchez and Jon Reese battled it out for titles and prizes. Between the incredible on-site DJ, the delicious food from the Solstice Bar & Grille and the fun games and informational tents from our sponsor Global Resort Homes, it was a day for the books. We’re so excited to collaborate with FlowBoarder again in the future to bring more competitions and events to our growing FlowRider community.

Also in the FlowRider realm, we would be remiss not to commend our very own flow instructor Joel Stevens for his recent new Guinness World Record. In a truly groundbreaking feat, Joel was able to complete an awe-inspiring 1,059 consecutive 360 degree spins on his FlowBoard over the course of about 45 minutes. Anyone whose experienced the rapidly-moving waters of our flow-wave can tell you how unbelievable Joel’s achievement is. When it comes to the Solara Resort’s staff, we really are blessed with some of the most talented people in the world.

When one considers how far the Solara Resort has come in the short year and a half that it’s been open, it’s striking. 2019 was a benchmark year, but it’s still just the beginning. Every day, we’re dreaming up new and innovative ways to take our Resort, and your experience here, to the next level. Who knows what next year, and the 2020s following it, hold in store for Orlando’s pre-eminent vacation rental community. We hope you’ll join us as we chart the course!

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