Ring in the New Year with the Help of Solara Resort

Deciding where to spend an evening to celebrate the New Year can be challenging, but we’re here to help!

For many, New Year’s Day marks an opportunity to start anew. Dietary commitments and spiritual resolutions designed for self-improvement abound. That being the case, New Year’s Eve is often viewed as a last chance to cut loose and enjoy a bit of festive revelry with friends and loved ones before the responsibilities of the new year set in.

Deciding where to spend such an important evening can be difficult. Should you attend this party, or that party? To brave the cold and crowds and watch the ball drop in New York’s Times Square, or to settle for the televised version at home? Luckily for visitors to the Orlando area, and guests at Solara Resort specifically, a whole host of fun New Years attractions exist in our region to make your decision a little bit easier.

What could be more emblematic of New Years than a stunning fireworks display? It just so happens that Orlando is renowned for our pyrotechnic prowess… just ask visitors during 4th of July week. Come to one of the area’s world famous theme parks on December 31st for a first-class fireworks display. Visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom to see the awe-inspiring Fantasy in the Sky fireworks show at midnight. The show is so popular that Disney is holding another showing the night before, December 30th, for all those that can’t make the holiday display. While you’re there, be sure to take park in the always fun New Years Dance parties at Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland and Tomorrowland areas in the hours leading up to midnight.

Not to be outdone, Disney’s Epcot theme park is holding its multinational World Showcase throughout New Years Eve. In this incredible show, each of the Epcot’s many internationally-themed pavilions will deploy their own unique fireworks display at predetermined times to coincide with midnight in their countries of origin. Each pavilion will also hold fun events throughout the night (including dance parties and live music), ensuring that guests have plenty of options in terms of where to celebrate the coming new year. The night will be capped off with the park’s famous Epcot Forever spectacular and—naturally—a grand fireworks display.

Image: ICON Park

For the vacationers at Solara Resort looking to stay away from the crowds at theme parks, we can recommend attending the Light Up I-Drive: New Year’s Eve Edition at ICON Park celebration on International Drive in Orlando. The event promises to include fireworks, a light show on The Wheel, international DJs, a live band and additional entertainment, along with surprises in premium sponsor-hosted areas. Bars and restaurants in the area will also offer specials for guests attending the special event. This is far from your only option—the city’s bustling nightlife offers a variety memorable clubs, bars and restaurants for adults to choose from when considering where to spend the last night of the decade!

The 2010s were a very exciting decade, particularly because it encompassed the opening of our thriving Solara Resort community. We could not be more proud to celebrate and reflect on the past years with our guests in the number one New Years vacation destination, Orlando!

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