State-of-the-Art Information Kiosk at Solara Resort

Come try out our state-of-the-art touch screen kiosk at the Solara Resort Clubhouse. You’ll find information about flight times, local attractions, Mattamy Homes sales and more!

At the Solara Resort Clubhouse, our staff is committed to providing guests with all the tools they need to have a convenient and stress free vacation. To that end, we’ve installed a state-of-the-art touch screen informational kiosk in the Solara Resort Clubhouse’s living area that is sure to enhance your stay at our fantastic resort. Worried that your smart phone reception or internet access may be unreliable so far from home? Well fret no more: our kiosk has a variety of features designed to keep you connected as you plan each fun-filled day of your trip, as well as your return journey home.

With a sleek build and extremely user-friendly interface, even the most technically challenged of guests will have an easy time navigating the kiosk’s numerous functions. Should you run into trouble operating the kiosk, simply ask any of our helpful Solara staff for assistance. We’re happy to offer guidance or simply look up whatever it is you need on the touch-screen for you. We understand that certain aspects of planning and carrying out a family trip can feel a little overwhelming at times, particularly the logistics of it all. That’s where the kiosk comes in.

If you’re concerned about getting home at the end of your trip, you can track your flight time, and the times of other flights out of the Orlando airport, on the kiosk. Basic flight information—as well as any delays, cancellations, or other potential alterations—will be reflected on the screen in real time. Most usefully, guests have the ability to check into their flight through the kiosk system before even leaving for the airport on the day of their departure. That’s one less queue to stand in on your already busy travel day. Talk about peace of mind!

In addition to the touch screen kiosk’s flight tracking technology, it sports a variety of pages informing guests about some of the wonderful amenities available within Solara Resort and the Orlando area. View our Resort map, where you can take note of our hours of operation and other basic information about our Clubhouse and pool facilities; learn about our thrilling FlowRider surfing simulator; and get a sneak peek at some of the delicious food and drink options available at the Solstice Bar & Grille and pool bar.

You’ll also come across highly useful pages detailing nearby shopping options, including the closest Walmart, Publix, CVS and a variety of outlets for higher-end goods. Naturally, the kiosk also highlights Orlando’s world famous theme parks, with specific information on Disney, Universal Studios and Seaworld’s many attractions. Finally, guests will find directions to nearby mailing and shipping methods, as well as an accurate weather tracker to help them plan their days.

As you can tell, this touch screen kiosk is practically over-loaded with detailed information covering practically every aspect of your trip. We’ve left no stone unturned in our drive to provide you with the knowledge you need to have a positive vacation experience, one which you and your family will remember for a lifetime!

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