Smashing World Records at the Clubhouse!

Here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse, our main objective may be to provide our guests with the vacation experience of a lifetime, but what many don’t realize is that we’re in the history making business, too.

Did you know that one of the Solara Resort’s very own, Flow instructor and award-winning rider Joel Stevens, is now the proud holder of a brand new prestigious Guinness World Record? That’s right: after a stunning 45 minutes of continuous riding on Solara’s thrilling Flow wave surfing simulator, Joel racked up 1,059 consecutive 360 degree spins on his Flowboard—a truly awe-inspiring feat!

When asked for comment after this achievement, Joel joked, “After about 800 [spins], you start to lose the feeling of what life was like before the spinning started.”

Joel’s new record is just the latest exploit in a professional FlowRiding career characterized by success in international competitions and in everyday Flow instruction. At just 19 years old, Joel remains a figure to watch in FlowRiding circles as he continues to hone his craft, even as he begins college this year.

FlowRider World Record
Joel mid-record attempt.

One thing is for certain: as Joel strives and breaks new ground on the waves, Solara Resort will be by his side—ready to support and facilitate his development in every way we can.

One man with a keen understanding of the difficulty involved in executing so many consecutive 360 degree spins on such rapidly moving water is Joel’s boss and mentor, Andy Haase. As Solara Resort’s Wave Ambassador, Andy is the mastermind behind the resort’s flourishing Solara Surf Club,and the one who reached out to Guinness with the idea to establish a new FlowRider-oriented category among their list of wide-variety of world records. A central figure in the FlowRiding scene for well over a decade, Andy is renowned for his colorful commentary and expert knowledge as a regular judge in countless Flow competitions. He hopes that Joel’s recent breakthrough, and Guinness’s involvement, will help publicize the growing sport.

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” Andy said of Joel’s new record. Andy himself was able to complete around 300 continuous 360 degree spins on the day Joel established the new record—no small accomplishment itself! As anyone who’s picked up a Flow board can tell you, this writer included, completing a single 360 degree spin (let alone several uninterrupted hundred) takes a great deal of dedication and practice.

If you’d like to witness the day’s impressive events for yourself, be sure to check out the Solara Surf Club’s Facebook page and watch the Guinness World Record video posted on November 14, 2019. It’s the best source available for the latest on everything Flow-related at the Solara Resort.

Andy and Joel are just two examples of the exemplary staff we are lucky enough have as part of the Solara family here at the resort. Whether it’s our talented Flow instructors, watchful pool monitors or friendly restaurant staff, everyone working at Solara does their best, day in and day out, to take our Resort to the next level. Who’s to say which of us will make history next!

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