Touchdown! Football Game Day Specials From Solstice Bar & Grille

Let us set the scene…

You’re seated comfortably on a high stool, a tall cold glass of your favorite beer cools your hand as your arm lays comfortably on a bar counter buzzing with activity and conversation. Your senses are overwhelmed by the sweet aroma of spicy buffalo wings wafting through the air as servers deliver baskets of these and other savory bar snacks to fellow bar goers.

Your attention is laser focused on the large high-definition flatscreen several feet in front of you behind the bar and the familiar commentator’s voice you’ve come to alternatively love and resent over the years of dedicated viewing and hard-fought victories and losses on the televised playing field.

It’s the last quarter of a pivotal game, and your favorite team needs to score if they’re going to move forward to the playoffs… and you need several of their players to help make it happen if you’re to have any chance of surviving your fantasy football league. There’s a lot riding on the next several moments. It’s cool and climate-controlled inside, but sweat beads at your temples regardless. You grip your brew and exhale, exhilarated.

It may look, sound, smell and feel like you’re in your favorite local sports bar, as you have been so many times in the past, but you’re not. You’re sitting at Solstice Bar & Grille, and there’s nowhere you’d rather be in the world!

Football season—like vacations themselves in many ways—represent an escape for so many dedicated lifelong fans from routine and monotony of everyday life. That’s why we here at Solstice Bar & Grille have worked so hard to craft an unparalleled football viewing experience that will provide your own personal escape within the escape of your idyllic family vacation at Solara Resort.

Right up to the Super Bowl, Solstice will offer special Football Snack and Bar menus Thursday through Sunday, with unique and varied offerings each day. One special, for example, sports tasty 12 piece wing baskets with your choice of sizzling ghost pepper rub, house fire sauce, tequila lime, island jerk, creamy garlic parmesan, or classic buffalo sauce. You can also try our creative Solstice popcorn flavors or, our personal favorite, the deliciously seasoned, cheesy garlic knots.

On the drink front, Sunday is a beer fan’s dream with $3 drafts of staples like Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, and Miller Lite available throughout the day. Bump it up to a $10 pitcher of the same option if you’re here with friends or family and you can really unwind as you watch the game unfold. No matter your selection, our personable and attentive staff will see to your every need as you strike up new friendships over a shared passion for America’s favorite pastime.

We’re here for you! After a long day at one or several of Orlando’s unrivaled theme parks or other similarly thrilling but always exhausting attractions, you’ll love unwinding at Solstice Bar & Grille; it’s a place any vacationing avid football fan, though far from their native watering hole, will feel at home.

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