Fly High Over Solara Resort in a Hot Air Balloon

Vacationers to the Central Florida area are privileged to have so many varied and high-quality balloon tour options nearby.

It’s likely that one of the first things you’ll notice during your magical stay at the Solara Resort is the prevalence of hot air balloons hovering through the sky most mornings here-weather permitting. Riders are afforded a unique, bird’s eye view of all the gorgeous attractions, amenities and natural beauty in the region, from towering Ferris wheels to majestic lakes and fields. Thanks to the picturesque layout and landscaping at our community, the Solara Resort is a favorite fly-over for many local balloon tour routes.

Many mornings, you’ll wake up to a virtual fleet of multicolored balloons manned by excited riders eager to greet passersby down below. It’s no surprise that when so many folks think of Orlando, they picture a storybook-like environment of wonder and adventure. Where else can you look up above and make new unexpected friends but in Orlando?

Now we know what you must be thinking: “Isn’t that dangerous?” “What about my fear of heights?” “What if I need to use the restroom up there?” Well, have no fear! Regional balloon tour companies like Guru Balloon in Kissimmee or Orlando Balloon Rides in Davenport have been in the business for decades. It’s not their first rodeo, as they say.

These businesses maintain a thoughtful, well-tried set of procedures and safety measures to ensure that your journey through the clouds is a stress-free one. Afterall, what’s a little leisurely waft through the air compared with some of some of the thrillingly fast-paced roller coasters and other rides at Orlando’s renowned theme parks? Your feet will appreciate the feeling of weightlessness that comes with a balloon ride, especially after a long day of exploration and fun at Disney or Universal.  

Without a doubt, one of the most famous balloon rides in the area is the Aerophile in Disney Springs. Easily recognizable by its blue color and intricate design pattern, the Aerophile is a great way for newbies to try out a largely stationary balloon ride; the balloon remains securely tethered to the ground throughout its flight. Most days, the Aerophile is operational until midnight and it boasts a large basket capable holding many more riders than normal balloons. The Aerophile serves all ages. Tickets are $20 for adults (10 years or age or older) and $15 for children (ages 3 to 9). Plan your trip today and take in an impressive view of Disney Springs like no other.   

Guests vacationing at Solara Resort are lucky to have so many incredible entertainment options close by. Truly, there is no other place in the world like it! One of the most fun—and inexplicably overlooked—pastimes here are hot air balloon tours. Luckily for us here at Solara, they visit us so often that they are impossible to forget. So, reach out to one of the excellent local tour companies ahead of your trip and book your ride today. There’s no better way to take in our sights than from up where the fireworks fly!

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