Daily Activities at the Solara Resort Clubhouse

Homeowners and vacationers visiting Solara Resort this Fall are in luck: our Lifestyle staff is rolling out a brand-new activities schedule.

From noon to 5 pm each day, folks at our clubhouse and pool area will be offered a wide variety of games and entertainment to keep them occupied. Our dedicated staff will oversee different athletic and trivia-based contests, with fun prizes! Activities provide a unique opportunity to befriend other guests at our Resort, and to get to know the Lifestyle staff as well. It’s also a great way for parents to catch a short break from their children and truly relax at our beautiful facility.

While many of our activities will focus on thrilling water and sports-based competitions, we will also have diversions for more intellectually inclined visitors as well. Monday and Friday BINGO games are great for all ages, while Tuesday through Thursday, as well as Sunday, will see a test of guests’ wits over their knowledge of Disney and Universal Studios-themed trivia. This is also when kids will have the chance to see just how much they’ve learned about some of Orlando’s most famous attractions over the course of their stay here. Saturday afternoon is reserved for Bar Trivia (21+ only so leave the kids at the Splashpad) but don’t try to cheat with your smartphones. We know all the tricks. What’s the best thing about BINGO and Trivia? It’s discounted burgers, beers and ice pops available during each game… as if you needed another reason to join in the fun!

The Solara Resort Splash Pad

What would a Florida Resort be without great outdoor activities? Whether kids are jumping into our pool to collect as many tokens as they can in a game of Pac Man Catch or shaking their hips in nail-bitingly competitive hula hoop contests, we’ve got a ton of fun games to keep the party rolling. Our gorgeous yoga lawn will host Cornhole and Ladder Ball games, as well as the always crowd-pleasing Giant Jenga. Three-point Shootouts on the basketball court are the perfect way to warm-up for an afternoon two-on-two basketball match in the afternoon, and—for those that had a little too much fun in their college days and are looking to relive them—Water Pong at the terrace bar can be a similarly intense challenge.

We round out the outdoor athletic activities with two super fun options. Scavenger Hunts throughout the main pool area are a neat way to familiarize yourself with our grounds, wildlife and foliage as you run down a list of themed items you and your teammates will have to gather for a coveted prize. Finally, there’s the always laugh-inducing Water Walker Zorb Ball! Every day at 4 pm, guests will have a chance to literally walk on water in our hilarious inflatable Zorb Ball. See how long you can maintain your balance as friends and family egg you on from the sidelines. There’s a small fee of $5 for use of the Water Walker, but it is well worth the cost!

Photo: Tiffany of Tasty Chomps enjoying the Teen Room

The Teen Room and its virtual reality sports simulator offers another avenue for fun at our Resort. Activities like Zombie Dodgeball, Carnival Knockout and Soccer Practice will transport kids and adults to a digital space where they can compete and enjoy themselves even after the storm clouds roll in.

With Solara Resort’s activities schedule in place, there will be new opportunities to form lasting vacation memories every day of the week here at the Solara Clubhouse and pool area!

Click here to view the latest activity schedule.

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