Your Vacation Doesn’t Stop For the Rain — and Neither Does Our Clubhouse!

Luckily for guests staying at Solara Resort, there’s a whole host of different things they can do here on property when the Florida storm clouds roll in.

Everyone knows that Florida is prone to daily thunderstorms, particularly during this time of year. While most of these storms are short in duration and often provide a much-needed reprieve from the hot sun, it’s no secret that they can also put a real damper on your fun-filled plans for the day. Vacationers are generally only here for a limited time, and they naturally want to make the most of every moment of their trip before returning home to the everyday grind of real life. Luckily for guests staying at Solara Resort, there’s a whole host of different things they can do here on property when the storm clouds roll in.

Unfortunately, lightning strikes can be dangerous. For that reason, our diligent staff at the Solara Resort Clubhouse and pool areas constantly monitor and track weather patterns on an hour-by-hour basis utilizing detailed meteorological technology. We are alerted whenever lighting strikes within a ten-mile radius of the Clubhouse area and immediately clear the pool decks of guests when this happens, explaining why and updating the pool-goers about the short-to-medium term forecast in the process. This procedure is similar to the ones employed by major theme parks in the Orlando area. We here at the Solara Resort take safety very seriously, and we are proud to report that we have not experienced a single weather-related injury in our year-plus of operation here.

The Solara Resort Clubhouse in the Rain
Guests of Florida Resorts are no stranger to afternoon storms.

That said, we also refer guests to the variety of indoor activities available to them when we are forced to close the pools and FlowRider. From our state-of-the-art Fitness Center and multipurpose yoga/dance studio to our fan-favorite Teen Room, with the latest in video game and virtual reality-based entertainment available until 8 pm, vacationers are offered numerous opportunities to continue the summer festivities within our comfortable, climate-controlled Clubhouse.

Most days, Solstice Bar & Grille presents different drink or meal deals whenever storms or heavy rains hit—granting guests the chance to unwind inside while they await an improvement in the weather and return to the pools. Throughout the entire Clubhouse area, we have several large flat screen TVs, consistently tuned to exciting sporting events or contemporary films. Even our business center—which sports a sizable conference table and a computer/printer—provides people with an ideal setting to pass the time… and possibly even fire off that work email you’ve been putting off while enjoying your trip. Whatever your preference, the Solara Resort Clubhouse and its staff is here to accommodate you and your family’s needs.

When you’re on vacation, recreation and relaxation should be the overarching goal of your daily planning and activities. Nothing should stand in the way of that; not even the nastiest weather patterns. That’s one of our core beliefs here at the Solara Resort, and that’s why we do everything in our power to promote the wide array of fun alternatives to outdoor or water-based entertainment, available whenever the skies decide not to cooperate. Whatever the circumstance, you know that your experience here at the Solara Resort Clubhouse will be a memorable one.  

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