School Supply Drive at the Clubhouse

We are excited to announce our July School Supply Drive benefitting the Education Foundation of Osceola County and A Gift For Teaching! Starting on Monday, July 8th, our guests will receive $10 off of on the FlowRider by donating two school supply items or by donating $5 to the Education Foundation of Osceola County. 

Solara School Supply Drive

Remember how excited you were for the first day of school?  You spent days picking out the coolest backpack, perfect pencils, most unique erasers and the hottest lunchbox!  But the reality for the over 86% of students who receive lunch benefits is very different.  Their families are unable to purchase the basic supplies needed to participate in school.  Instead of feeling excited, they are nervous and hope no one notices they don’t have the same supplies as everyone else.  They often sit in the back of the classroom and don’t participate in discussions or activities so they can hide the fact they don’t have the required materials.

A Gift For Teaching’s goal is to provide school supplies for FREE for students in need so they can participate fully in education opportunities and complete all assignments just like everyone else.  Through our July School Supply Drive, we will help to bring the community together to collect much needed supplies. 

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