The Solara Resort Sports Fields

Get Sporty During Your Vacation on Our Athletic Fields

One of the best things about visiting the state of Florida is our gorgeous year-round weather. Whether it’s a brisk January morning or a sizzling August afternoon, the climate in the Sunshine State feels tailor-made for outdoor activities and fun.

With that in mind, we’d like to take the time to highlight Solara Resort’s several athletic fields. These spaces provide the perfect setting to try your hand at a variety of different sports any month out of the year.

The Solara soccer field is the Resort’s largest and arguably most popular athletic space. It boasts two large goals and large overhead lighting to allow for overnight play. Like our other onsite sports, we provide the balls and materials needed to play at our clubhouse, which guests are free to borrow whenever they like.

All that said, the greatest feature of our soccer field is undoubtedly the stadium-style seating carved into the wall overlooking the play area. With a superb view of the lake running along the other side of the field, this design provides an ideal environment for a fun-filled afternoon of games and relaxed observation. There’s something truly special about watching soccer enthusiasts from around the world strike up friendships on our field over their shared passion for this global pastime.

Right next to our soccer field is our slightly smaller, but no less impressive, basketball court. With nighttime lighting and well-kept nets, this court is a great spot to burn off some steam at the end of a relaxed day by the pool or a busy one at any of Orlando’s many theme parks and attractions. Play two-on-two, practice your free-throw shot or just make some new friends while you test your skills on the court.

Finally, no warm-climate, quality vacation resort would be complete without a space to play volleyball, and in this regard, Solara is no exception. Our community’s volleyball court sports a well-maintained sand floor so that you and your teammates won’t hesitate to dive for your opponents’ spikes and clinch that well-deserved win over your friends or relatives. Conveniently located right next to our main pool, this space is perfect for air-drying in the sun after a morning dip—and you can work up a sweat in the process!

Sometimes, there’s no better way to relax than with a little competitive fun. Grab a basketball, volleyball or soccer ball and visit any of Solara’s beautifully situated sports fields. Whether it’s in the water, on our FlowRider wave, in a video game or on the field, there’s always plenty to do at the Solara Resort Clubhouse!

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