The Solara Resort Book Drive

How You Can Help Give Books to Children in Need

In case you haven’t heard, March is National Reading Month, and we here at Solara Resort are doing everything we can to spread the word! More specifically, our very own Solara Surf Club has partnered up with the wonderful folks over at the Education Foundation of Osceola County to bring quality books to underserved classrooms. After all, what surfer doesn’t enjoy kicking back, catching some rays and cracking open a good book after a long session riding some waves—artificial or otherwise?

For the entire month of March, anyone who shows up to the Solara FlowRider with two children’s books will receive one free half hour surfing session with our world class Flow instructors. Nailing that new trick you’ve been working on or standing up on the board for the first time feels even sweeter knowing you’re helping kids in need access quality reading material. Experts agree that early exposure to books and regular practice with them throughout a child’s younger years is vital to ensuring reading comprehension skills down the line. Tragically, many under-resourced school districts struggle to provide even basic classroom materials like books. The Solara Resort, and our wonderful visitors, have taken up the call to help change this reality and provide every Osceola County child with the educational environment and tools to which they are entitled.

The Solara Surf Club is proud to report that we’ve already collected nearly 150 books in our drive… and March isn’t even over yet! We want to thank every rider who has contributed so far and want to encourage more people to do so before the end of the month. In particular, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the Furman family, whose generous donation of two sizable boxes of diverse and high-quality books, including a treasure trove of Dr. Seuss classics, really took us over the line. With an educator among their number, it’s no wonder the Furmans appreciate the importance of early childhood reading.

Dr. Scott Fritz, Chief of Staff for the Osceola School District, and Kerry Avery, Executive Director of the Education Foundation, kicked off National Reading Month and the Ready to Read Book Drive on Solara Resort’s FlowRider.

So, come visit us, and bring a couple favorite books from your own childhood with you. Why not help introduce a child in need to the wonders of the written word, while you discover a new—distinctly more physical—lifetime passion for FlowRiding at our wonderful resort?    

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