Find Your Zen in the Solara Resort Multipurpose Room

Discover the Many Opportunities the Multipurpose Room Holds for Solara Resort Guests

Sometimes the best place to relax and find your own personal nirvana while on vacation isn’t poolside or sleeping late in your comfortable bed… it’s with a little yoga!

For fans of yoga staying in the idyllic Solara Resort, we have some good news. The Solara Resort Clubhouse features a pristine and sleek multipurpose room that doubles as a yoga/dance studio. The multipurpose room offers a gorgeous view of our pool areas through windows lining one wall with full length mirrors running along another wall. Guests visiting the room are offered the perfect opportunity to unwind in quiet, comfort and tranquility. They can even step out onto the adjoining grassy terrace for a little fresh air after or during their yoga session.

Solara’s state-of-the-art digital music system also allows us to pipe in calming tracks — or heart pumping beats for the occasional dancer developing some sweet choreography. In any case, we can tailor the room’s settings to suit a guests’ needs. No need to bother your other housemates at your rental home with loud music. Come on down to the multipurpose room and get the party started!

Arguably the greatest feature of our multipurpose is its high-tech projector and wall-length movie screen. No need to panic when lightning strikes and your kids exit the pools; we’ll just flip on a hit movie in the multipurpose room to keep them occupied until the sun comes out again. With our famously popular Teen Room only a few feet away, the multipurpose room is just one part of the endless array of activities the Solara Resort Clubhouse has to offer, rain or shine.

The multipurpose room is located right across the hall from the lifestyle office in the Clubhouse. It is located in the same building as our Fitness Center and is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. each and every day. Yoga mats are available in our Fitness Center.

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